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Own Nail Day this year with one of these trendy treatments

Mark your calendars – May 5th is Nail Day! Nail day is made for you if you love expressing yourself through the latest nail trends taking Instagram by storm. It’s the perfect excuse to dig into a fresh new look to bring on spring! Plus, manicures can last for weeks with regular maintenance making every day feel like nail day.

Own Nail Day this year with one of these trendy treatments


Here are three new manicure trends to get your hands on in 2019:


A matte finish: After the matte lip look took off last year, matte-finish nails are following suit. Anything but dull, a matte finish offers a striking yet understated look. Tip: choose a subdued hue to keep things looking professional.


Foiled: Metallics are back in the spotlight – the sparklier, the better! From a true silver foil finish to glitter so dense that it looks like chrome, no one will ever dull your shine with a look like this. Tip: opt for a subtle sparkle to keep it office-appropriate.


A modern French: Contrasting colours (a base in one colour and tips in another) is a playful, modern take on the traditional French manicure. Tip: choose neutral shades for their versatility, such as white nails and black tips.


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