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Located in the heart of uptown Waterloo, at 22 King St. South, our award-winning nail salon Waterloo has provided exclusive nail care and foot care treatments since 1999. We always put quality first and do our best to keep up with the latest trends in manicure and pedicure. Our team uses the best products available on the market to make your nails healthy and polished. Get your nails Waterloo done by leading specialists in a relaxed and safe setting with All My Nails.

ALL MY NAILS – CELEBRATING OUR Success with Luxury and Style

For Over two decades, we’ve been  committed to excellent client care. 


At All My Nails salon, we practice family-oriented and personal approach. Our team is ready to learn all about your nails and requirements to keep your hands and feet healthy. We always add a personal touch to every manicure and pedicure, hand and hand or every step of the way. Visit All My Nails to relax and – even more importantly – to find out why we are the #1 award-winning nail salon Waterloo today!



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What We Offer at All My Nails Salon

Enhanced nails (gel, acrylic, solar)


We provide nail enhancements with O.P.I.’s Acrylic, CND Solar, Gel Powder from LeChat, etc. At All My Nails salon, we use only high-quality products that are both natural-looking and safe. Go for ideal enhanced nails to breathe new life into your hands!

Classic or gel polish manicure


Choose us to get perfect nails uptown Waterloo! We know how to make a beautiful classic manicure or a chic gel polish manicure you will enjoy. Our team will give special attention to your cuticles, nail shaping, and massage. Come to visit us every 2-3 weeks to stimulate nail growth and soften dry or dull skin. Manicures include a safe, clean polish of your color choice!

Spa pedicure


We are the #1 nail salon Waterloo Ontario that provides professional pedicure. Our specialists know how to revive your feet and design your nails professionally. A regular pedicure procedure at All My Nails includes warm soaking, nail trimming, and light exfoliation. After that, your feet will be massaged. The final touch is either nail polish or gel polish of your choice.

Advanced foot care


At our nail salon Waterloo, we offer advanced foot care treatment for those whose feet need more than just a regular pedicure. (NB: Our advanced foot care procedures are safe for diabetics!) This foot care method includes nail trimming and filing. We also shape nails and reduce heavy callus. Contact us today to help treat your ingrown nails (without infection).