Hands Treatments

Shellac / Gel polish Manicure

Done once every two to three weeks, this Gel Polish manicure will stimulate nail growth and soften dry, dull skin. Includes soak, emphasis on cuticles, completed with massage
and Gel Polish of your choice. - $32.


A Classic Manicure with a massage. This treatment incorporates warm soak. Massage, relaxing your often neglected hands. Completed with a polish of your choice, your hands will thank you! - $27.

enhanced nails (Gel, acrylic, solar)

We provide many nail enhancements O.P.I.'s Acrylic, CND Solar, Gel Powder from LeChat. These are exceptional products that are both natural looking and safe . Artificial applications are ideal for both strengthening and enhacing natural nails $42 & UP.

Foot Treatments

spa pedicure with Gel Polish or Nail Polish

Put the spring back in your step! It's time to cool, energize and invigorate those tired feet with the power of peppermint. This wonderfully aromatic and energizing treatment starts with a warm foot soak in peppermint. Next, your cuticles are treated, nails clipped back and detailed. A light exfoliation leaving skin refreshed and soft, along with a massage of your choice of lotion. Our pedicure will leave you with a stimulating experience, topped with your choice of Gel Polish. - $46.

Senior Foot Care/ Advance Foot Care for diabetics

Foot Care for Seniours that need more then just polish and toe nails trimmed . The treatment is performed by one our C.M.P. or C.Pod. Advance foot care is for adults and diabetics, feet need more than a pedicure. This Foot Care is safe for Diabetic's, this service includes, nail clipping and filing, shaping and light exfoliation reducing of callus More Info - $50 -75

Medical Foot Care

Foot Care treatment by C.M.P. or C.Pod
For adults and diabetics, feet need more than a pedicure. This Foot Care is safe for Diabetic's, this service includes, nail clipping and filing, shaping and reducing of heavy callus or Ingrown nails ((*helping you to correct and understand and conservative clipping to reduce pain.)(Without Infection)). - $55 - 75 More Info

Other Services(Nail Polish/Gel Polish)

New set of nails:
Acrylic Nails - 42/48
U.v. gel nails - 50/54
Solar nails - 50/54
Bio Seaweed Gel Nails - 57
nail refills
Acrylic fill - 28/35
u.v. gel fills - 31/37
Solar fills - 31/37
Bio seaweed gel - 44
Double refills
Double refill acrylic - 41
Double refill U.v. Gel - 45
double refill bio Seaweed - 47
Double refill solar - 45
artwork & Misc
french gel polish* -+7
hand design (2 Fingers) -+6 & UP
Swarovski Crystals -+7 & UP
Hand treaments:
Gel Polish or Shellac Manicure - 32
Remove & Gel polish Manicure - 37
Manicure - 27 & UP
Acrylic / U.V Gel removal - 25 & UP
just removal of Shellac - 18
nail polish change - 25
Foot Treatments
Spa Pedicure - 46
spa pedicure with gel polish - 46
gel polish on toes - 30 & UP
nail polish on toes- 25 & UP
Spa packages
spa pedicure & Manicure - 69
Gel polish pedicure & Manicure - 75
His and Her spa pedicure - 87
Mother and child (13 under ) Spa Pedicure - 65

Price are subject to change.

Foot Care
Foot Care Treament - 55+
Advanced Foot Care Treatment- 65 -70
Bracement of toe - 50
Bio seaweed Build( per nail ) - 40

Student new Nails :
Acrylic Nails - 38/45
U.v. gel nails - 44/50
Solar nails - 44/50
Bio Seaweed Gel Nails - 52/57
STudent nail fills
Acrylic fill - 28/35
u.v. gel fills - 31/36
Solar fills - 29/35
Bio seaweed gel - 40/42
spa pedicure - 44
Gel polish pedicure - 44
manicure -25
Gel polish or Shellac - 31
spa pedicure and manicure - 65
gel polish pedicure and manicure -73